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Tim Daniels

moulting chicken

Time for the Annual Moult

It’s mid-September and the chickens are in the middle of their annual moult. This is the time they take a rest from laying eggs and need a little extra care and attention.


Foxes and chickens don’t mix!

Between June and July, there are lots of young fox cubs learning how to hunt and during this time, they are testing my electric fence, on the look out for a cheeky chicken snack!


Free Range for Omega-3 Eggs

There is a lot of marketing, promoting eggs that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, but do you know how to get your hens producing rich omega-3 eggs?

moulting hen pin feathers

The Moult and Animal Protein

It’s that time of year again when chickens go into moult. This signifies the end of the laying period and can be quite alarming the first time you see your hens almost ‘oven-ready’ but there are a few things you can feed to encourage quick feathering.

rubbing diatom onto perches

Red Mite Returns (again!)

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks on holiday in France to come back to a coop full of red mite. What else would I want to do on a bank-holiday weekend? (I can think of lots of things). This is how I’m tackling them…

male and female comb and wattles for sexing chicks

Sexing Chicks

This week, I am sorting the boys from the girls from my last hatch and there’s always a chance of getting it wrong!


Light Sussex Chickens

My Light Sussex hens are looking a little ‘worn out’ feather wise after having been mated over the past few months. I have been taking a look at some of the photos I took in the spring when they were looking so much better.