Crowned and crested (and bearded vulture hocks and boots)

I was rather late starting this year 2012 because of the weather.  The only full grown chick is a little blue rose combed cockerel with hocks and boots. (he had a similar sister but the fox got her.) Not very inspiring. Then there are  another three a bit younger, but I have a feeling they’re all going to be cocks. Pretty black and white mottled colouring. And then they all hatched at once with a load of little blue birds. They will probably look like the lavenders from last year. The crests are much more uniform, but the combs are every which way. Still I have at last managed to combine vulture hocks with crown (and crest.) on one or two birds, and the tails have got nice and long.

I have one very intriguing chick a white headed blue, with a crest that appears to trail down the back of her (I think) neck . She looks like a shetland pony.

Considering I started the crowns with one that looked like a rose comb with a hole in the middle and another that was only half split I think they are coming out rather well. My big problem is getting rid of all the chickens I don’t want in order to breed on from the gooduns. I put good matches in runs together, and they get all coy, while the rejects keep disappearing into the bushes and bringing out a polyglot. Trouble is that some of the rejects have started their own breeding programs with some rather taking looking offspring that aren’t at all what I was aiming for. I really need to split them down the middle and get two breeds but I haven’t the room or energy.

Oh well here is waiting until the present batch grow up, to see what I have got this year.

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